Roof Access

Gaining access to your roof can be tricky. As a rule, safety is always first. This is where a lot of accidents happen. Most generally, these accidents occur later in the day because you have gone up and down the ladder many times, and can become careless.

  1. Always look for solid level ground to position your ladder.
  2. Always tie your ladder to the room so as to prevent the ladder from sliding.
  3. Raise your ladder approximately 3 feet above the edge of your roof. This ensures that you have ample room to mount and dismount the ladder.
  4. Always use both hands on the ladder at all times. If you need to take materials up with you, use a rope to pull them up after you have gotten safely on the roof.
  5. As a rule, “When in doubt, don’t.” If you just do not feel that you can safely accomplish your task, call someone else.

We are concerned with your safety. One quick call to Saner Roofing could prevent an injury and save you thousands on medical bills and lost work.